Jesus Film Project

Project Description

We worked in tandem with Gradlime (a content agency) to develop site architecture, brand messaging, and a content strategy to consolidate the Jesus Film Project’s fleet of over 20 web platforms and brands into a unified website. This goes beyond just wireframes and user experience design. Merging 35 years of sub-brands also required organizational strategy to outline a transition plan for unifying well-established dynamics and team cultures under a more collaborative brand.

Since 1981, The Jesus Film Project has used film in 1,071 translations and partnered with 1,500 ministries to see over 200 million people decide to follow Jesus.

Project Details

Client: Jesus Film Project
Date: 2015
Skills: Branding, Strategy, Web UX

Site Architecture & Persona Journey Maps

We merged over 20 websites into a streamlined and unified site architecture and worked with Gradlime to create user journey maps for Jesus Film Project’s 9 target audience personas.

A Fresh New Look

Using our wireframes and user experience strategy, Jesus Film Project’s in-house development team in collaboration with 31Three designed the relaunched website which consolidated Jesus Film Project’s brand messaging into a unified voice.

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