Project Description

In 2007, we developed a Drupal-based intranet system for Life.Church’s staff and key volunteers.

Two years later, Kent Shaffer of Create Etc assisted Life.Church with graphic design, research, marketing, PR, ghost writing, social media, and strategy discussions for multiple departments such as Life.Church OPEN resources,,, curriculum development, leadership development, children’s ministry, small groups, and campus ministry.

Project Details

Client: Life.Church
Date: 2007, 2009-2010
Skills: Copywriting, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Strategy, Web Development

Curriculum Development

Worked with the Director of Content Development on how to improve the educational stickiness and theological depth of their weekly children’s ministry curriculum. Additional advice was given on how the curriculum team can better sync with the leadership development and creative arts teams.

Leadership Development

Offered guidance to the NextGen Leadership Team on how to improve and scale volunteer training in children’s ministry.

LeadershipXP Apprenticeship

Worked with Life.Church’s Director of Communications to plan, write, and design the messaging for the inaugural year of their apprenticeship program. This included designing the collateral for the application process.

Campus Ministry

Consulted the Tulsa Midtown campus and Oklahoma City flagship campus on how to improve their children’s ministry. This included a training seminar for Tulsa volunteers and in-class consulting and modeling for OKC. Directors of each campus received in person meetings and reports highlighting opportunities for improvement across nursery, preschool, and elementary programs. Additionally, Kent met with Connections and Missions pastors from multiple campuses to discuss ways to improve small groups, assimilation, and local outreachs.

OPEN Resources

Offered social media, user experience, and volunteer development strategy for the OPEN Resources support team. Kent also met with senior leadership to discuss long-term opportunities for expanding their resource platform and vetted potential strategic partners to gauge interest in future collaboration.

Facilitated onboarding of strategic partners for an experimental platform that curated a library of free sermons from well-known preachers, which could be used a “guest preachers” in small churches, house churches, and megachurches alike.

Church Metrics

Analyzed usage patterns of Church Metrics (Life.Church’s free church attendance analytics tool) to determine if the collective user data is large enough to yield national trends and insights for the U.S. Church. If it had been enough, we would have explored cross-sectioning the data across denominations and geodemographics as well as cross-referencing it with data trends in weather, the stock market, housing market, holidays, sports, and entertainment. This would have potentially yielded insights into how societal context affects churches.

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