Open Church

Project Description

Open Church is a directory of causes and library of free resources curated to help Christians work together and share. It’s a huge undertaking! And since the team at Create Etc founded Open Church, we’ve naturally been involved with step of launching the site. 

We designed the logo, built the website, and handle the copywriting, marketing, and graphic design needs. We also cover most of the research, which thus far has curated a directory of 5,500+ causes and a library of 2,200+ free resources.

The research included traveling 45 U.S. states to interview leaders from the many flavors of Christianity, so that we might better understand how to help 45,000 denominations collaborate. We also designed a robust taxonomy for labeling content across a myriad of Christian forms, styles, and demographics.

Project Details

Client: Open Church
Date: 2011-present
Skills: Branding, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing, Photography, Research, Social Media, Web Development, Web UI Design, Web UX

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